• 14 healing cards, 1 test card and 1 playing surface
  • product is German, English translation is included
  • Produced by innerwise Publishing


The innerwise Healing System for Finding and Living Your Life Purpose

Thirteen elements. Thirteen remedies for your life path, your purpose in life, whenever it seems blocked, inaccessible or unachievable again, as is so often the case, causing your entire life to lose its meaning. That’s when it’s time to take action, because there’s no such thing as an isolated life purpose for one human being: there’s only one grand plan which connects the life purposes of all human beings with each other. Through your fellow human being, you can recognize yourself again. If you are not living your life purpose, you are depleting energy from the great plan. Once you start living your life purpose, however, you will fill and experience the great plan and play a part in creating it.

Using the Thirteenth Element

Test each part of the Sun on all thirteen dimensions:

  • The sun’s outer shell
  • The sun’s interior
  • The sun’s corona
  • The sun’s interconnections

If you discover any irritation, select the correct remedy from the Thirteen Elements, and allow it to permeate the defect and its origin and take effect there. Sometimes, more than one of the Elements may be needed to treat the Irritation.


Also available in a set with DIVINE CROSS and THE SPACE IN BETWEEN!

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