Sexual Healing

Freeing your sexuality from irritations, limitations and imprints

Find and heal wounds in your sexuality and understand their effects without having to re-immerse yourself in the pains of the past.
With innerwise Sexual Healing, free your experience of sexuality and orgasm from hang-ups, clearing your overall resonance and sound. Positive changes in your singing and speaking voice are also normal "side effects" of this healing work.

Using the Organ IMAGO, learn to perceive your sexual organs as spaces with all the experiences, energies and irritations they store. Recognize which experiences still have effects on your sexuality today, and free your organs, inner images and experiences using innerwise IMAGO and the innerwise Healing Cards. If you want to apply the organ IMAGO to yourself, we can offer the color card as healing frequencies.

Sexual Healing Complete Therapy Set
The set for treating others. It contains the 5 Sexual Healing worksheets, the Alive and Rainbow Color Cards, the Color Chips and the innerwise Complete Healing System.

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