This applies not only to people but also to our environment. Flow is experienced as harmony, as benefi- cial, as creative abundance, as wealth of life energy and as inner clarity.

•  Meditation: Put your hands on the disc or sit on it. 

•  Harmonizing living and work spaces: Following

   your intuition

or by testing using the arm-length 

   test or the pendulum test, the disc is set up in
   the spot in the room or living or work space where
   it can unfold its optimal effect. This should be
   the spot where it is possible to exert the maximum
   influence on the irritations that are present.
   For the energetic design of living and work
   spaces, innerwise healing frequencies can
   also be added to the Flowmaker.
•  Re-establishing flow: The Flowmaker includes
   healing energies that have an effect through their
   mere presence. To resolve specific issues,
   meditate in the Flowmaker healing field and focus
   on the solution.

•  Supporting therapy: Time and again, there are

   issues where a therapy doesn’t seem to have

   any effect. By placing the Flowmaker underneath

   the client, an energy field is created. This field is

   so strong that whatever blocks there are in the

   therapy can be easily resolved.










The Flowmaker then acts like a sound system that allows the symphony of healing frequencies to resound in the room or any living or work space.The Flowmaker has been created based on the research of physician Uwe Albrecht, a pioneer of energy medicine, who developed innerwise.

Plastic composite material, round, Ø 21 cm (8.3 in.), 6 gold-colored flower-of-life holograms

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