Divine Cross

  • 1 playing card and 1 folding card
  • product is German, English translation is included
  • Produced by innerwise Publishing


The innerwise Healing System for Finding and Living Your Connection to the Source

Are you taking energy or giving it?
Are you ready to get connected and start following your very own path in the world, which is intended only for you?

“Oh no! God help me!”

Not the most eloquent prayer, but a prayer nonetheless. And one thing’s for sure: it won’t help you. Calling upon the Source, whether by praying to whichever God you choose or through spiritual mediation, is something we all do in one form or another.

But why isn’t God helping? Why don’t the miracles we ask for come true?

The answer is very simple. Human beings are stuck in victim roles within their own dramas, hoping for help. They can sit there hoping for as long as they want. Yet, when you devote your own strength to remembering who you really are, what you’re really doing here on Earth, and, thus, find for yourself the path to the Source, to God, then the Source is more than happy to help you.


Using the Divine Cross

The Divine Cross has six rooms:

  • Presence
  • Being
  • Nourishment
  • Devotion
  • Creating
  • Divine Sound


You may use your own strength to pass through all these rooms, to remember how they sounded, to travel from the first to the sixth, which is where the support comes from. You don’t need to clear these rooms in the process; you just have to manage to pass through them. Remember their beauty. And when, by your own strength, you have arrived at the Source, God, you can clear and tidy up the realms with this divine support.


Also available in a set with THE 13th ELEMENT and THE SPACE IN BETWEEN!

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