• 6 Gameboards
  • 169 Color Chips
  • 2 Color Cards (Alive and Rainbow)
  • 6 A4-size Worksheet Tablets
  • 1 A3-size Worksheet Tablet
  • 25 Game Stones
  • 3 innerwise Amulets
  • 1 Instruction Booklet 

Special Edition

DARE TO B'RICHED is bilingual (English and German).

DARE TO B’RICHED - Coming Home

If you want to embrace life, you must be Yourself in the Here and Now!

Fun and intuitive, effective and long-lasting, drama-free and life-changing. For you, your family, friends, patients, clients... even for your relationship, your home, your project, or company — simply for anything that is alive.

Only what is in the Here, Now and Self is present and capable of being perceived, making an impact and being happy, successful and healthy.

For many people, being completely in the Here and Now is the dream. For many, it remains just a dream. Neither schools nor parents, spiritual teachers nor masters, religions nor social movements teach us how to reach and hold onto this. Countless people have searched for paths that lead them there, whether through meditation, asceticism and abstinence, prayer, physical exercises, adopting a new mindset, therapy, and so forth. Yet only very few have found the path.

Now, this state of presence is no longer limited only to the select few “enlightened” people among us.

You can play your way there!

On your own or with your friends, family or anyone else. You’ll find many issues in your life that DARE coaching can help you with.

You can play by adding the Game Stones to the six Gameboards or using the worksheets to write and draw. The Color Chips act as healing cards which clear the issues you’ve found on the Gameboards. Even though they are your issues, you’ll observe them as a neutral bystander, becoming your own coach who can clear the issue on your behalf using DARE. And that clears the issue in you — without any drama, tears or excessive effort. On the contrary, you’ll discover great insights and enjoy lots of laughter. It’s amazing to see how fun and easy change can be.

The topics included in the game are:

Games & Tricks

Recognize and put an end to the games, tricks and manipulations we are playing and allowing others to play on us. Learn to spot victim and offender roles, and start taking responsibility for yourself.

The Now

Win back the time you’ve parked in the past and future, and in the positive and negative.

The Here

Recognize and break free from the patterns that are keeping you stuck in meaningless spaces, preventing you from being present in the Here.

The Self

Be your whole self again, with your own soul, identity and sound.

Game Over

Recognize and resolve the control and power issues that we play or allow others to play on us. Then, you can come closer to surrendering to life and being able to accept life’s gifts.


The great overview of life: gratitude, integrity, presence, life path, life purpose and connectedness. Find the blockages that are still in place and clear them.

What’s in the box and what you can do with it:


Unfold them and they’re big enough for you to dive inside. There are six of them in total, and together they are capable of visually depicting the big topics like Time, Space, the Self and Life for people of all different levels of consciousness. They are the gateways into the issues they depict. They have their own field of consciousness. They are alive, just like innerwise itself. innerwise is a living, intelligent system, which is why it works so well. 

Color Chips in the Color Box & Color Cards

The magic ingredients: the entire innerwise healing field, containing many thousands of energies, abstracted and condensed into 169 Color Chips. Creation in its full glory.

Along with that, there are the Color Plates: one organized by color, the other lively and chaotic. This way, you can always have the Colors at hand in your life, so even if you are not playing DARE, you can integrate them wherever you need help, whether you’re cooking, driving, working in the garden, making love or performing a body scan. They’re especially helpful for meditation or visualizations too. Insider tip: Close your eyes and place one hand on the Color Plate, then journey into ailing and disrupted organs of your body to invite the healing energies into the picture at the right moment. 

Game Stones and Their Box

Living, raw wood. Immortalized inside colored plexiglas through a vacuum sealing process and possessing the incredible ability to represent the issues you find in DARE.

Once you have placed the Game Stone on an aspect of the issue, it represents this aspect. The Game Stone becomes a gateway for the aspect. If you place it in your hand, you can also feel that. 

Once the issue is cleared using the Color Chips, the Game Stone feels empty once again.

At home in their sleeping box, they let go of all their memories again after a few seconds and are then ready for a new game. The hologram on the bottom of the box helps them with that.

Inside the box, there are also three innerwise Amulets and three Hologram Stickers for storing the healing energies to ensure their integration during the days and weeks ahead. 

Placeholder Box

A convenient place to store pens and pencils for the game. 

Small Worksheets (A4-size)

One sheet for each step. This gives you the clarity and analysis that you need, so you can devote your full concentration to the issue that needs to be cleared. In-depth discovery made easy. 

Large Worksheets (A3-size)

The tool for experienced DARE-heads. All the steps on one sheet. Here, you can first analyze all the steps in a row and then clear them step by step.

For beginners, the small worksheets (A4 size) are recommended. As you become more experienced, you can move to the larger format (A3 size).


Unless you can surrender to life, you will never be able to receive life’s gifts.

DARE TO B’RICHED is available in English and German from innerwise Publishing.

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