The complete innerwise system consists of 13 levels as shown in the Space In-Between poster with the color rings inside the torus

However, until now, only two levels were manifest:

The 1st level with healing cards, MindCoach, Quintessenz, Resonance (only in the Create app).

The 2nd level with meditations, the hologram, Imago, Live, The 13th Element, Divine Cross and Space In-Between.

The Bravehearts are the manifestation of the 3rd level.

And they are the last manifestation of a single healing system that I will ever create.

The E=L2 game will include 169 full-color cards representing all 13 levels. Yet, they won’t be arranged into any categories or given any numbers or further explanation. In this way, we can make the Complete innerwise Healing System available on the abstract level.

The Bravehearts contain explanations, interpretations and wonderful graphics. The images include photos of enormous bubbles in the sunlight, captured during a performance of the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra.

The delicate beauty of this colorful spectacle in the sun is one side of the medium. Strength, clarity and courage are the other side. They are wise warriors, warriors of the heart, and they are here in the greatest strength ever manifested at innerwise.

They also include a test card which checks your inner harmony, connectedness to the Source, chakras and surrender to life.

Healers and consultants are often afraid of taking up this sword.

They want to always be kind, caring and harmonious.

In his book The Journey Home, Lee Carroll describes the sword of truth, the shield of knowledge and the armor of Spirit.

Truth has the strength and precision of a sword.

In your hands, the Bravehearts become the sword of truth, the shield of knowledge and the armor of Spirit.

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