bitter & sour – bellywell®, all’s well

To boost your inner well-being, take a tiny amount after each meal.

Contains extracts of lemon, gentian, cinchona bark, wormwood and rosemary.

Made with love and a little bit of magic.

Undigested food causes bellyaches and unnecessary discomfort. bellywell®

is the digestive aid that supports you on many levels. It cleanses, energizes and restores a feeling of lightness. If you like it bitter, just take a few drops on your tongue. Alternatively, stir a few drops into a glass of water and drink.

Is bellywell® right for you?

Just imagine treating yourself with bellywell® and you’ll already feel it in your cells, your belly and your entire body: that means it’s right for you. Use the arm-length test to determine your optimal dosage.

bellywell® contains:

  • Aqueous, alcoholic extract of lemon, gentian, cinchona bark, wormwood, rosemary, love and a little bit of magic.
  • Volume: 20 ml


Produced using a unique formula created by physician and energetic-medicine pioneer Uwe Albrecht

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