For many, innerwise is a reconnection with themselves. For others, innerwise seems new, because they’ve forgotten. As children we lived with inner wisdom, intuition and trust. We only lost and exchanged them for rules, norms and inner insecurity.

innerwise helps us understand the energy patterns and fields of people, animals and systems. It is an intelligent system that works to identify the root causes of physical, mental and emotional disorders. And innerwise products are designed to show us ways to clarify and resolve issues in the easiest possible manner. The basic principle of innerwise is to restore the state of harmony and flow at all levels.
The perfect introduction to innerwise is The Complete Healing System set of test and remedy cards which includes an instruction booklet. The Yes/No book is a good companion. Next is the book A Course in Healing with DVD of 16 instructional videos. The exciting thing about these beginners is you’ll learn the yes/no test to communicate with your subconscious, which determines 94% of your reality, so you can then test every day subjects including which other innerwise tools may assist you.  

All innerwise tools offer ways to reconnect to the abilities inherent in each of us and reintegrate them into our lives. These are tools whose sole purpose is to be no longer needed. Until we’ve reached that point, they accelerate our clearing processes and inner growth. Change the energy field and reality follows.


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